Through partnerships and joint efforts, our goal is to assist in the elimination of TB as a public health threat through scientific and educational activities, and to strengthen TB prevention, care and control in the US.

Tuberculosis (TB) is an airborne infectious disease that requires long and complex treatment with several antibiotics. People can live with TB infection for years—even decades—without symptoms before developing active TB disease. Millions of Americans are living with TB infection: one in 24 people in the U.S. Recognizing people’s right to know their TB status, we must concentrate our efforts towards a robust national response, focusing on diagnosing and treating TB infection in order to prevent future cases of TB and to stop its transmission.


Originally formed as a voluntary organization, the National Coalition for the Elimination of TB (NCET), Stop TB USA’s history dates back to the early 1990’s, in preparation of the resurgence of TB in the US.  

People have a right to know if they’re living with TB infection

Robert Benjamin, MD


Message from our Executive Director:

On the move against TB, and transforming the fight towards elimination. We will unite to end TB!

Michael Sage

Our Officers:

Ann Raftery, RN, MSc



The Stop TB USA’s Board and Coordinating Boards are comprised of highly qualified professionals in TB related fields of work and expertise. Each of the members offer years of experience to the group and its management.  

Stephanie S. Seidel


Michael Sage

Executive Director

Randall Reves, MD, MSc