​​​Action Alerts

Stop TB USA Membership Meeting Thursday February 27th  During the North American Region End TB Conference 2020 in Chicago

After the morning Stop TB Session Thursday there will be a Membership Meeting of Stop TB USA at 12pm for those who are able to attend the Conference. The location will be announced.

Urge Your U.S. Representative to Sign the Engel/Young Letter to Support Increased TB Funding

A letter for U.S. House Representatives to sign to support increased domestic TB funding is currently being circulated in the U.S. House. Contact your House Representative by March 3 and urge them to sign this letter. The letter is for U.S. Representatives only to sign, not U.S. senators, state lawmakers, members of the public, or anyone else.

Help Combat TB in the US - Urge Your Members of Congress to Cosponsor H.R. 3080/S.834

Stop TB USA Members are urged to contact their two Senators and House Representative and ask them to cosponsor (support) the bill. Click here to learn more.

Get Involved

First Steps: 

  1. Join the Friends of Stop TB USA
  2. Sign up to receive our free email Newsletters such as the TB Wire, and the quarterly “TB No Longer a Problem?”
  3. Like our Facebook (Stop TB USA) page and forward it to your friends and colleagues,
  4. Follow us on Twitter @StopTBUSA.


Join one or all of the Stop TB USA Work Groups:

  • Patients’ and Community Forum: providing a forum for individuals affected by TB to voice their concerns and share their experiences;
  • Communications and Media: increasing the effectiveness of communication through traditional and newer communication media outlets;
  • Membership and Outreach: providing a framework for participation by the full range of partners in the TB elimination effort
  • Policy, Education, and Resource Mobilization: raising awareness of TB among policy makers.

To join one of the Stop TB USA Work Groups, please do so by selecting any group within your Friends for Stop TB USA profile. click here...


Tuberculosis Elimination Caucus - U.S. House of Representatives

Send a letter to your Representative today, asking that they please join the TB Elimination Caucus in the House of Representatives.


The Tuberculosis Elimination Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives was formed in March of 2012 by Representatives Engel (D-NJ), Green (D-TX) and Young (R-AK).  A caucus is an informal grouping of legislators which can help rally interest and enthusiasm on an issue of mutual concern, by sponsoring briefings, initiating letters and inquiries, and more.  You can help to grow the membership of this caucus by sending a letter to your Representatives asking that they join this very important caucus.

  1. First, check the list below to see if your Representative is already a member on the Caucus. If oyur Representative is on this list, then you are all set. 

  2. If your Representative is not on the list below, click the link below and provide your street address and zip and a personal letter will be generated and sent to your Representatives on your behalf.

Click here for a list of current TB Caucus Members

On the move against TB, and transforming the fight towards elimination. We will unite to end TB!