Chair: Dr. Cynthia Tschampl, PhD

Cynthia A. Tschampl, PhD, is a Research Scientist at The Heller School for
Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University and has more than
20 years' experience with U.S. and global health. Dr. Tschampl’s research
involves both quantitative and qualitative research methods with
specialization in economic evaluations. Other research interests include
prevention and treatment of infectious diseases (including healthcare
financing thereof), responses to substance use disorder, services for
people without housing, health inequities, eating disorders, and quality

Dr. Tschampl has served on the Massachusetts Medical Advisory
Committee for the Elimination of Tuberculosis (MACET) since 2004 and
is Chair of Stop TB USA. Dr. Tschampl received the National TB Controller
Association’s Charles DeGraw TB Award in 2011 and gave the Inaugural
Thomas Q. Garvey Public Health Lecture in 2021. She has served nearly
a decade on the planning committee of the North American Region
meeting of The Union, including as Co-chair of the Stop TB Plenary since



Valerie Adelson, MHA, BSN, RN

Nisha Ahamed, MPH

Robert Benjamin, MD, MPH

John Bernardo, MD

Alina Cernasev, PhD, PharmD, MSc​

Lisa Chen, MD

Erin Corriveau, MD, MPH

Shaka Gonzalez Brown

Sophie Huddart, PhD, MSc

David Lewinsohn, MD, PhD

Lizzy Lovinger

Krystle Mallory, BSN, RN-BC 

Kendall Martinez-Wright

David Moskowitz, MFA

Chibo Shinagawa, MS

Jeff Starke, MD

Ex Officio

Representatives from all the National Centers of Excellence

John Seggerson

Joe Burzynsky, MD

Mike Sage, MPH

Donna Wegener

Nick DeLuca, PhD



The Stop TB USA Board is comprised of up to 20 members from the general Stop TB USA membership. Ex-officio members of the Board include representatives of the American Thoracic Society (ATS); the Division of Tuberculosis Elimination, National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; TB Centers of Excellence; and the National Tuberculosis Controllers Association.

The Board conducts monthly conference calls and meets face-to-face at least annually in collaboration with a partner organization and with an effort to build public awareness of TB.

The day-to-day work of Stop TB USA is conducted by the officers and the Stop TB USA interns. Meet the officers below:




Mythili Batchu

Aishva Kothari, BPH

Ria Mohan

Secretary: Amee Patrawalla, MD, MPH

Amee Patrawalla, MD, MPH is Associate Professor of Medicine and
Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at Rutgers New Jersey Medical
School in Newark, NJ. She has had a long history working in the
outpatient TB field and in the critical care and inpatient settings. As a
clinician, she has seen the first-hand toll that the diagnosis, and
subsequent treatment can take on persons with TB. Dr. Patrawalla is also
the Medical Director for the Rutgers Global Tuberculosis Institute, a TB
Center of Excellence with its Lattimore TB Clinic.

She has first-hand knowledge of the challenges U.S. providers deal with
in the management of TB, especially with declining expertise. With this,
she has been part of the solution in patient-centered care, in terms of
assisting with the development of patient/caregiver educational
materials, curriculum for provider training, and the training of pre-service
professionals. As a TB clinician, she is able to engage patients throughout
the care continuum leading them to support services and often advocacy
roles beyond their immediate experiences with TB. Dr. Patrawalla has
also served in roles with ACET, CHEST, and The Union. Her peers,
students, and staff find her to be fully supportive of the persons in her
care, an approachable mentor, and full of innovative ideas

Where we unite to #EndTB!

Immediate Past Chair: Dr. Sundari Mase, MD, MPH

Dr. Sundari R. Mase received her undergraduate degree from the
University of California, Berkeley (UCB) and her medical degree from the
University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). She finished her residency
in Internal Medicine at UCSF and, subsequently, obtained her Master of
Public Health with an emphasis in Epidemiology at UCB.

She has been an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Infectious Disease
Department at Emory University, Associate Clinical professor at UCSF,
and Sonoma County’s Health Officer. She brings local, state, federal, and
international experience, including as an independent TB clinical,
programmatic, and research activities. Prior to that, she was the India
Country TB Medical Officer for the World Health Organization (WHO).

Chair Elect: Jonathan Stillo, PhD

Dr. Jonathan Stillo is an Assistant Professor at Wayne State University in
Detroit, Michigan where he teaches medical anthropology and public
health. He has been part of STOP TB USA Coordinating Board since 2020,
part of the leadership of TB Europe Coalition since 2012, a member of
the Global TB Community Advisory Board since 2013, and previously
served as the Coordinator of the WHO EURO/Wolfheze Patient-Centred
TB Care Working Group.

Jonathan has received research grants from the US National Science
Foundation, The US Department of State, among others and has
consulted for WHO, ECDC, and the US Embassy in Bucharest. Jonathan
has researched tuberculosis (TB) in Romania since 2006—including living
at a TB sanatorium for several months and interviewing hundreds of
patients and medical personnel across the country. His current research
and advocacy focuses on social, economic, and structural barriers to
health and how better outcomes can be achieved for people with DR-TB
using person-centered, human rights-based approaches. For more