TB Photovoice works with communities impacted by Tuberculosis, helping to amplify the voices of those directly affected by this preventable and curable disease.

Our strength is training community organizations to utilize a community oriented process called Photovoice.  TB Photovoice provides training and support to implement a TB Photovoice project in which persons impacted by TB use a camera to document their everyday life and health experiences.  The photographs represent what is happening in the participants’ lives and serve as a point for discussion about what can be done to inspire change in their communities.

TB Photovoice participants share and examine their photos and stories among a small, trusted group, then amplified their messages to the community and beyond through forums and health events.  Often these photos and stories address the root causes of TB as well as the stigma, discrimination, and need for improved prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of TB. These photographs and their accompanying narratives give a face and voice to the TB experience.

TB Photovoice also amplifies the voices of persons impacted by TB through initiatives, like the TB Voices Project, that allow participants to share their TB experience through the written word, photos, and visual recordings.


The mission of TB Photovoice is to facilitate the use of images, stories and dialogue to elevate the voices of individuals directly impacted by tuberculosis so that they, as well as their communities, can improve their overall health.


TB Photovoice
Email: tbphotovoice@frontier.com
Phone: (360) 862-9034
Snohomish, Washington USA

TB Photovoice is a 501(c)(3) public charity, incorporated in the State of Washington, tax ID number 26-4820863.