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Write a Letter to the Editor!

Concise communication using the EPIC format (inspired by results.org)

Letters to the editor (LTEs) are short opinion pieces published in newspapers and are valuable because Congressional offices read them to understand the issues that their constituents prioritize. 

Before you start writing, pick your media outlet, whether it is a well-known outlet or a local paper. Then, search for guidelines for LTEs for the paper that you chose. You should use these guidelines when writing your LTE. 

Engage your audience.

Respond directly to a piece published in the paper or a dramatic fact to start, invoke a common value to trigger interest. This should be short, about 1 or 2 sentences.
We’ve proven that it’s possible to make rapid progress against a pandemic if we focus political will and resources at the problem.

Present the problem.

Present the cause of the problem and give details as necessary. Mention why you care about TB.
Prior to COVID-19, tuberculosis (TB) has been the leading infectious disease killer in the world for years, taking 1.6 million lives in 2021 and sickening over 10 million! COVID-19 has made things worse by interrupting treatment, delaying diagnoses, and diverting resources normally used for TB. Experts estimate our TB efforts have been set back 5-15 years.

Illustrate the solution. 

Give a concrete solution and paint a picture using studies, reports, and evidence. First-hand experience is important - personalize to your experience where possible. 

TB is a curable disease and airborne disease. It is a top infectious killer in low- and middle-income countries, but also impact all 50 states. In fact, there are approximately 13 million Americans living with TB infection. Imagine what we could accomplish if we tackled TB with the same resolve and resources as we did COVID-19. We could save millions of lives, strengthen health systems and pandemic response, and ultimately end TB as a public health threat.

Call to action. 

Now that you have presented the problem and informed your audience, ask for something concrete, timely, and specific. This should also be short, one sentence is ideal with two sentences maximum. 
It’s time to end TB. 
Will the Senator/Representative co-sponsor the End Tuberculosis Now Act of 2023 (S. 288/H.R. 1776)?

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