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The TB Wire is an electronic newsletter, published twice-monthly to update subscribers on funding and leadership issues, calls to action, partner issues and activities, new educational products, and information about TB-related meetings.

Do you or any of your colleagues, policy maker friends, friends in the press, or other acquaintances believe tuberculosis is no longer a problem in the US? Well, this quarterly published newsletter contains TB-related reports that occur every three months, and although they are not all the TB reports and articles, many of these reports describe problems that present significant challenges for health departments.

The TB Action Alert newsletters are published at the request of our partner the American Thoracic Society (ATS) on an action-basis.  This newsletter consists of TB-related calls-to-action on federal legislative issues, and will contain detailed issue summaries and links to prepared letters or call scripts for our subscriber’s personal participation.  It is at the discretion of our subscribers to whether they are permitted to receive these call-to-action emails.


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