Tuberculosis and COVID-19: Stop TB USA Calls for

Strengthening Public Health Programs to Fight Co-Pandemics

We must be reminded that even today, 139 years later, TB kills more people than it did in 1882!

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At Stop TB USA, we are working to create a social movement for public awareness, community empowerment, and advocacy for policy change by mobilizing and supporting resources for the elimination of TB in the US. Stop TB USA serves as a channel for scientific and public health knowledge and educating policy makers and the public about the need for sustaining community public health activities for the elimination of tuberculosis. The need to increase community participation and advocacy in domestic and global TB elimination efforts, with emphasis on building awareness and participation of persons with or at risk for this disease, is greater than ever.

​ A community of individuals affected by TB, or anyone wanting to share information, concerns or personal experiences.


Our Vision: A TB-free world by strengthening the ability to search for, treat, and prevent TB



Our Mission: To Eliminate TB as a Public Health Threat in the US

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